Navigating the dating pool can be quite the struggle, but with my help, it’s simple. There’s you and the man of your dreams, who’s already waiting for you.

He already exists.

We simply have to clear away the obstacles between the two of you.

I'm Amari Ice, and according to the Matchmaking Institute, I'm the first openly gay black man to become a certified matchmaker and relationship coach in the entire love industry.

When it comes to finding the man of your dreams, I can either show you HOW or show you HIM.

Have you been looking for love in all the wrong places?

Are you tired of the #CharlieCows you get in your fingers from swiping left and right?

Gotten discouraged trying to figure out how to keep your #PotentialPartners from turning into #ExpirationDates?

Schedule a free Match Interview and let's change that reality!

Get The Gay Guide to RELATIONSHIPS!

I’ve worked with over 500 relationship-seeking men and what I’ve found is that there are really only 12 steps to attracting gay love that lasts. Finding your #UnicornKing seems very complicated, which can have you feeling overwhelmed, but if you can master the RELATIONSHIP Process outlined in my book, you will have a love that can go the distance.



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"I felt like the coaching experience was refreshingly genuine. I could really tell that Amari cared about me and he made the pursuit of the man of my dreams adventurous and fun. I feel like the tips that he gave me were simple and relatable, yet personal and I enjoyed every minute of the sessions that we had together."

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Amari's coaching has been very helpful. He affirmed me as an individual and helped me make sense of my pursuit for love, as well as how I should go about my pursuit. Amari helped me build not only relationships romantically, but also platonic and professionally.

Amari is very open and candid. He actively listened to me and gave explicit advice. He's great at pushing and motivating others to reach for their highest potential. He also does a good job of modeling the advice he gives you, which goes to show his authenticity.

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Amari Ice truly is gifted in the art of building and maintaining relationships. I went to him for advise with a suitor that has been chasing me for about a year. With the tools and framework from his teachings, I was able to build a healthy and fruitful relationship with that man. If you don't think you can find love, you need to meet Amari Ice because he will change the way you see relationships. He's like the E-Harmony for the Gays.